fullmetalheart (fullmetalheart) wrote in my_second_self,

It is time...

one moment to bind them, one second between dream and reality to destroy them, one breath fallen to wipe out a person forever, the one second of spasm to reach for the blade.

mind the gap. That little space between you and the train, the little hole of doubt, that one has to be conscious of falling through, though it seems impossible. mind the gap.

And then the gap explodes behind the train.

The emptiness that tails the leaving train, the black void that takes away your mind and conscious, and pulls your body in. You stand beyond the yellow line, and your feet are lifted away. Yellow. Mind the gap. Nothing matters or exists, just your lifeless body being tugged into that emptiness, that hypnotizing bliss that swallows you whole. mind the gap. You fall off balance in a slender manner forwards, and faintly see the tracks crossfade as you return to reality.

don't mind the gap. give into it. If it wants you, let it have you.
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