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the balance to chaos

the counter balance, my cold conscious. The half of me that doesn't care for much, and is deceptive even to me. Now its just bickering. I get up in the morning, and something sets off the memories and thoughts, and the bickering begins. Its this endless, incessant chattering in your mind. Its me arguing over myself, with myself. I can't drown it out. It follows wherever I go. I sit in lectures and seminars and Its this bickering in the back of my mind, slowly gnawing away at me. I dislocate a part of me to my work, while the two tear away at my mind and heart. I come back to this dorm room, and settle back in. I recede further but I can't escape them. I lie down and leave them to argue through my dreams.

"Just tell me who won in the morning".
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